As active contractors in the mining, gas, rail and civil industries, Green Acres Group has a strong commitment to site-specific safety standards and regulations, alongside a strict adherence to Workplace Health and Safety (WHSQ) legislation.

Green Acres Group’s teams regularly undertake safety training and workshops with an aim to inculcate a top-to-bottom culture of safety within the organisation.

Safety processes such as; Safety Toolbox Talks; daily Safety Pre-starts; Safe Method Statements (SWMS); Vocational Operation Competency; and a company Advanced Fatigue Management Policy (AFM); ensure that potential issues and hazards are rapidly identified, mitigated or removed.

Our commitment to operating a low-hour and well maintained fleet ensures our team, and yours, is able to rely on the safe operation of our equipment.

Environment & Quality

As a revegetation and land rehabilitation contractor Green Acres Group is acutely aware of the importance of environmental protection and adherence to environmental standards within each of the sectors it operates within.

Green Acres Group ensures its team leaders and crew are fully aware of both our own Environmental Policy, as well as the Environmental policies and frameworks our revegetation teams are active within such as revegetation, dust mitigation and bulk haulage of materials capable of carrying declared pests or weeds.

Green Acres Group is also committed to maintaining a high level of service and quality through our Quality Management systems and Vehicle Maintenance Program. This ensures we maintain a high level of productivity alongside lowered risk of stoppages and breakdowns.

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