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Plant Hire with Green Acres

Green Acres Group maintains a diverse, low-houred and well-maintained fleet of on-road and earthmoving equipment available for wet and dry hire. From water tankers to dozers, we specialise in wet and dry hire for mining, civil and rail sectors.

A time and cost saving approach

  • We prioritise maximum machinery utilisation hours so that our clients get the best value from their hire
  • We ensure close proximity of our field service and maintenance teams for all major projects
  • We use our internal transport division to efficiently float our own equipment from site to site, minimising delays and costs

Our Fleet

Bulk and Heavy Haulage

Bulk and Heavy Haulage | Green Acres Group

  • 15 – 20kl water carts
  • 30kl semi water tankers
  • 60 – 120kl road train water tankers
  • Single, double, AB-triple, triple, quad side tipper combinations with prime movers

Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment | Green Acres Group

  • 25 – 35kl articulated water trucks
  • 30 – 40T articulated dump trucks
  • 140M, 14M Caterpillar graders
  • D6 – D10 Caterpillar dozers
  • 15 – 20T wheeled excavators
  • 10T combinations

Mine-spec Equipment Hire

Mine-spec Equipment Hire

Green Acres mine-spec plant hire is fully compliant to all site specifications for mining, as well as being compliant with civil and rail sector standards. Our equipment is consistently serviced and well-maintained including water trucks, dozers, graders, dump trucks, side tippers, hydromulchers and tractors.

Water Cart and Water Tanker Hire

Dust suppression and water transport requirements can all be handled with Green Acres water truck hire. Our high-quality fleet is fully mine-site compliant for all major mining sites in Queensland and NSW.

Water trucks available for wet or dry hire include:

  • Water Trucks (including articulated) – 15kl – 35 kL
  • Road Train Water Tankers – 30kl – 120kL

Dozer Hire

All Green Acres dozers are GPS-equipped and are mine-site compliant. Our reliable, professional operators have extensive experience operating on various civil, mining and rail sites. The Green Acres dozer fleet ranges in size from D6T through to D10T.

Grader Hire

Our 140M graders are an ideal option for all mining and civil mining projects. The Green Acres Grader fleet have low hours, comply with mine specifications, and our team are highly experienced final trim operators.

Articulated Dump Truck Hire

Green Acres articulated dump trucks can be hired with or without our efficient operators, who will fit into your team to get the job done. Our dump truck fleet is well-maintained and mine-spec compliant. Green Acres articulated dump trucks range from 30T – 40T.

Side Tipper Hire

Green Acres has an extensive fleet of side tippers to assist with your on-site haulage requirements. We offer a variety of combinations from single, double, AB-triple, triple and quad, alongside mine-spec prime movers.

Hydromulcher and Tractor Hire

Our fleet of hydromulchers and tractors are highly versatile with a wide variety of mine-spec unit sizes and models. All our units are compliant with major mining sites in Queensland and are paired with reliable and professional operators that have extensive experience on civil, mining and rail sites.



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