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Revegetation Services

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Understanding the site and preparing the ground are the keys to successfully establishing a healthy environment to rehabilitate and protect land. Green Acres revegetation services leave terrain in a better than the original condition.

Green Acres Group implement thorough, end-to-end processes for every project, based on more than two decades’ experience on the ground.

The Green Acres project team establishes easy-to-manage communications and one point of contact, and when we work with you, we partner all the way to deliver above and beyond expectations.

Soil health is paramount, so early steps can include analysis and supplementing the site’s biological and fertility profile through soil testing, ground preparation, adding gypsum and fertilisers if needed. We apply hydromulching, broadcast seeding or drill seeding as required, using a full range of revegetation options, dependent upon the unique features of each site.

We have the ability to use our own fleet to refill the hydromulching unit, reducing turnaround time for application.

Our water trucks and tankers can maintain early growth, complementing the revegetation process to ensure water availability at crucial growing times.

Industry versatility for any revegetation project | Green Acres Group

Industry versatility for any revegetation project

Green Acres adapts to work with any industry or project that needs reliable and fit-for-purpose revegetation services. The Green Acres team delivers plant hire and resources where and when they are needed, from our locally based depots in the Bowen Basin, Western Downs and Sunshine Coast, travelling as far as South Australia and the Northern Territory.

We operate in the mining and gas sector, in energy and transport corridors, and across government infrastructure and civil construction projects.

Mine Site Civil Works Rehabilitation

Mine Site Civil Works Rehabilitation | Green Acres Group

We’ve established strong partnerships with Bowen Basin mines and mine site contractors and maintain high levels of professional expertise in the latest environmental standards and leading-edge research, application and technology.

From site establishment works in erosion control, dust suppression and civil earthworks to soil stabilisation, rehabilitation and revegetation solutions, Green Acres Group offers competitive end-to-end services that include wet or dry plant hire to get the job done.

Green Acres Group has delivered excellent results on a wide range of mining and civil projects across Queensland and northern New South Wales, including:

  • Tailing dams
  • Creek diversions
  • Access road construction
  • Site set ups, new pads and laydowns

Read more about our Mine Site Rehabilitation Services

Rail Line Corridor Revegetation

Revegetation of slopes and batters along rail corridors is essential to prevent erosion and slippages that can disrupt rail services. Irrigating and maintaining vegetation growth along lengthy, isolated rail lines can be problematic.

Green Acres Group use our own extensive fleet of water trucks to maintain early growth. Not only can we deliver fast, seamless hydromulching without extensive turnarounds to refill water, but we ensure follow up water can be applied where necessary.

Highway and Main Road Corridor Revegetation

Highway and Main Road Corridor Revegetation  | Green Acres Group

Green Acres Group works with many government transport departments, major civil contractors and regional councils across Queensland and New South Wales.

Our team fully understands government and project commitments to managing vegetation in road corridors. We provide products and services that are both MRTS16 and R178 compliant, ensuring adherence to Department of Main Roads requirements and standards.

Our integrated fleet, including hydromulching units and watercarts, delivers a seamless process for successful completion of all transport corridor projects.

Gas Pipeline Corridor Revegation

Since 2012, Green Acres Group has provided continuous service to the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry in the Bowen and Surat Basins.

Once infrastructure construction is completed along the pipeline, including well pads, sediment ponds and access roads, Green Acres moves in. Our hydromulching services efficiently rehabilitate disturbed land and the landscape surrounding civil works.

Additionally, our fleet of watercarts, graders, heavy haulage and earthmoving equipment has assisted with civil earthworks projects through our plant hire services.


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