Broadacre Amelioration

20 years of experience

Amelioration is the broader term that encompasses improving the quality of soil or land. Revegetation is specifically the process of seeding ground cover on land that has been disturbed.

Green Acres Group bring more than twenty years of site experience around Queensland and NSW to deliver full amelioration strategies on any site with disturbed land. Our planning process works within the opportunities and limitations of your site, your project and your budget. We work in with your team and timelines for successful outcomes in every case.Green Acres’ versatility is a major advantage to our clients. Our two divisions, hydromulching and plant hire means that we can move our own machinery and bulk haulage products to site as part of our contract, including any wet or dry plant hire required on site. It’s an end-to-end package that delivers a smooth, complete service.

Quality standards and regulations

The Green Acres team work strictly to client specifications and to all quality standards and regulations that apply to the job – Department of Main Roads for Queensland and NSW, pipeline corridors, civil construction sites, mine sites and more. Our personnel are fully inducted and work within client safety protocols, as well as under our own rigorous Green Safe safety system.

We work with any type of soil conditions and shortcomings, and we’re able to scale to meet any size project. Whether we’re involved in site planning or post-construction, we will work to turn overburden or disturbed topsoil into safe, environmentally sound landscape.

Green Acres Group improves soil quality with a variety of methods and products. We don’t endorse or supply a particular brand but prefer to remain brand-agnostic. This allows us to choose the very best and most cost-effective solutions for each project’s requirements.

Using our own Plant Hire fleet means we don’t need to rely on hiring earthmoving or bulk haulage equipment to get the job started and keep project timelines to a minimum. We can also wet or dry hire our earthmoving machinery to assist with civil work, drainage systems and more.

Benefits of Amelioration

Land amelioration offers the chance to use land for a new purpose and in some cases, to even improve the condition and health of fauna and flora from its virgin state. It makes good economic and ESG sense to employ amelioration techniques as early as possible in the project’s life. Here are some of the short-term and long-term benefits:

Short-term benefits of Amelioration

  • Reduces erosion and sedimentation risks
  • Promotes strong plant growth
  • Improves dust mitigation
  • Improves the utility and appearance of the land

Long-term benefits of Amelioration

  • Increases the ongoing productivity of the land, depending on community and business plans for the area.
  • Improves both flora and fauna habitat – land can even be designed to encourage particular species.
  • Protects water quality, improves drainage and reduces flood risk

Our amelioration process

If minimal soil data is available, we select the products and delivery, based on our prior experience and knowledge of the area, as well as client specifications.

If a full soil analysis is required, we send the data to a laboratory, where an agronomist and soil engineer will suggest products based on specific amelioration goals and tailored to the project and its conditions. Every site is different, and each site typically contains more than one type of soil.

We suggest the best methods for preparing and then seeding for the terrain, the climate, the environmental standards and regulations in force, to meet your goals.

We follow through, adapting as necessary, and going the extra mile to exceed expectations.


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