Site-specific seeding solutions

When we’re consulting with you about a seeding strategy for your site, we also take into account external circumstances like site location, climate, existing fauna and flora – as well as internal factors such as project budget, time constraints, labour and machinery availability and more.

Bulk haulage and plant hire are often a limiting factor in revegetation projects. Green Acres Group is one of very few businesses that combine a wet/dry plant hire service alongside our amelioration and revegetation services.

Green Acres Plant Hire can supply seamless machinery hire to suit your project – from bulk haulage of soil or fertilisers through to tractors for drill seeding and water trucks to maintain best growth of the new vegetation.

Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast Seeding  | Green Acres Group

Broadcast seeding is a direct seeding method that spreads the seed quickly and mechanically over large, flat areas of prepared ground. Seeds lay on top of the surface and are not drilled into the soil. This does leave seed susceptible to wildlife and washouts.

Broadcasting is best done where adequate rainfall is expected.

Drill Seeding

Drill seeding, also called tractor seeding, sows seeds one by one in well-spaced furrows to a specified depth.

The furrows are covered back over in a single pass, providing additional protection to the seed until germination occurs. This process also increases the soil carbon content, increases biological activity and relieves soil compaction problems.

Projects suitable for drill seeding will require area to have minimal effect from compaction and adequate topsoil, allowing the seed to be successfully drilled. Drill seeding is a cost-effective method of seed application for flatter areas where tractors can pass easily.

Benefits of Direct Seeding

Green Acres will work with you to implement the seeding strategy that suits your site best. Direct seeding, for example, can be effective in these circumstances:

  • Cost efficient revegetation for large scale projects
  • High volume daily outputs in areas being seeded
  • Seed can be sown at the correct seeding rate and depth
  • Seed can be covered by soil adding protection against birds and other animals
  • Seed remains moist and protected from exposure to the sun



Talk to the Green Acres team about Broadcast & Drill Seeding or view our projects.

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