Two decades of experience

Our hydromulching and hydroseeding solutions have proven successful in restoring vegetation of projects for clients across Eastern Australia, including mining, coal seam gas, regional councils, as well as government transport departments.

Finding the right hydromulching approach

With over two decades of hydromulching experience on main road corridors, mine sites and rail corridor sites, we design our seed delivery systems to best meet client and individual site specific requirements. We don’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – our project teams carefully consider your site and then select from hydromulching, hydroseeding, broadcast seeding or drill seeding, or a mix of any of these methods.

If we determine hydromulching or hydroseeding is the right approach for your site, a tailored slurry mix of seeds, water, tackifier, fertilisers and optional mulch is sprayed over the prepared ground, using a powerful truck mounted pump that can spray up to 100m. For difficult-to-access areas, a retractable 150m high pressure hose can easily do the job.

Our approach is highly adaptable, tailored to each job, and we collaborate closely with every client to effectively address their individual requirements.


Hydromulching | Green Acres Group

Keeping client productivity and cost targets in mind, we generally recommend hydromulching on slopes that present a significant risk of erosion.

Hydromulching presents many advantages to quick, successful site amelioration, including:

  • Effectively protecting the soil surface from erosion
  • Protecting seed and maintaining moisture temperature for optimal seed germination
  • Increasing filtration of rainfall into the soil
  • Reducing the rate of drying of the soil surface after rain
  • Adding organic matter to the soil as the natural fibres breaks down
  • Aiding in dust suppression on civil sites


For larger, flatter areas, hydroseeding is often the most cost-effective solution. Using our hydroseeding tanks and powerful hydraulic delivery, we can hydroseed large areas quickly, without the mulch that provides more erosion protection. Some flat areas may be more suited to our broadcast seeding methods.

Hydroseeding and hydromulching can use native or particularly compliant species of vegetation. Native seeds often thrive on steep and inaccessible slopes where other types of vegetation would not perform favourably.

Soil Stabilisation

Soil Stabilisation | Green Acres Group

Green Acres Group supplies and delivers mechanically-applied soil stabilisation products for long-term dust control on civil and mine sites. The product is also ideal for use with revegetation sites to encourage seed protection and germination.

Soil stabilisation products are an environmentally-friendly spray-on polymer that penetrates into the top layer of the soil forming a moderately trafficable surface. It is a fast process, and the product is simply diluted with water at the required ratio.

The Green Acres Advantage

Green Acres Group provide a comprehensive array of expertise in soil rehabilitation and revegetation. Our whole-of-service project management is easy and convenient:

  • Our teams have wide experience on varied sites across Queensland and NSW
  • Our people and equipment are already inducted and site-compliant
  • Our services include all types of seeding
  • Our Plant Hire division provides bulk haulage, earthmoving equipment and watering equipment, negating the need for separate machinery supply


Talk to the Green Acres team about Hydromulching & Hydroseeding or view our projects.

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